Thursday, June 2, 2011


I know like I've said many time before, I'm very bad at updating our blog. So here is a super late update! First of all we welcomed our little guy Luke James Nielsen to our family on April 29th, 2011. We sure love him to death! Everyone always asks about the birthing story and to tell you the truth mine is not anything special..except that everything went great and we have a beautiful new addition! I was supposed to go in on April 27th at 8pm to be induced..but of course I got a call from the hospital about 2 hrs before and they said there was no room! Let's just say that was not a good night for me...when you're ready you're ready! So I ended up going in on the 28th around 5pm. By the time they started me on the pitocin it was about 7pm, the heaven sent anesthesiologist came around 12 am for the epidural and I was fully dialated at 4am. I was so ready to push and have him out but I had to wait for my Dr. to was pretty hard! Finally he arrived and I pushed for about 5 minutes...YES! 5 MINUTES (compared to Blake's 2hrs! )and little Luke was here at 4:22 am. He was a healthy 8.2 lbs and 21 inches long It was soooo great to have him out!

Blake is finally warming up to him and he's about 5 weeks old. The first few weeks he didn't want anything to do with him and totally left him alone, which was great! Now he only gets close enough to put in Luke's binky...:) It's super fun having 2 little cute boys we sure are loving every second! (well, maybe not when Luke is in his fussy mode, but it's sure keeps us going! )

Also, this past week Erik had a break from school so we've been playing and having fun. Yesterday we drove to Tulsa and went to the Oklahoma Aquarium. We had a great time.. a little overpriced if you ask me, but we enjoyed it!

Blake had to be in the NICU so I wasn't able to hold him right away...this was pretty special for me :)

Cute little guy...such a happy sleeper

8.2 lbs! This was a week early I might add! YIKES! We didn't want another 9 lb baby! :)

Oklahoma Aquarium..of course we don't leave home without the bus!

Lounging with the sharks while Luke was eating

The shark cage He was sure loving the "BIIIIIG FISH"!!!! (as Blake would say)

He loves his daddy!

How could we not visit Nemo and Dori?!?!

Riding the alligator!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This past February Blake and I had the oppurtunity to head to Pensacola Florida to visit my sister and her family because my cute niece Ellie got baptized! Since my parent's were driving down there, we just tagged along for the 14 hour drive! :) It was so worth it, we had a blast! Leaving Erik behind wasn't so fun, but there was no way he was going to be able to leave he got to go to San Diego during sprink break for school, so we all were happy :)
Blake loved playing with his cousins and of course couldn't get enough of the endless sanbox..a.k.a. the beach.

Being on the beach sure made me miss it! ...can't believe I used to live 3 miles away!

Blake and Ava decided to lay out at the end of the pier...They just love to follow and copy eachother!

He couldn't get enough of the sand!

Don't mind the belly:)

They are so good about their oral hygiene

He loved playing in the airplanes at the museum

Ava and Blake taking a break.

Hanging out at one of the forts

We also had a great time celebrating Blakes 2nd birthday this past March 3rd! We can't believe our little guy is 2!!! He's growing up so fast. I decided to make a cake a friend of mine showed me and it definitely was appropriate since Blake is such a BOY! He loved his Tonka dump truck cake!

Baby Nielsen #2 update: Our little one is sure growing and is very active! We are ready for him to be here! (yes, we're having another boy) My due date has been moved up to April 28th which is so exciting..5 more weeks to go!

Monday, November 1, 2010

CATCHING UP!!! (Finally)

Alright, I know it's been WAY too long since I've updated our blog. So here it goes!
This past summer Erik had 2 weeks off from school so we drove to Pine Valley Utah to spend time with family and enjoy a great family reunion. We had such a great time and Blake especially loved playing outside all day long and seeing his cousins!

Mimi's flowers were SO tempting! He finally gave in one of the last days we were there :)

Blake had a great time with Nani and Papa...his great-grand parents

On our drive out, one of the many stops we made was to Lees Ferry in Arizona. We love seeing all the beautiful parts of this country!

It's never to early to learn how to fly fish!

Zion National Park with the gang :)

Mimi with the grand kids

Lounging on the deck of the cabin in Pine Valley

Our El Paso cousins came to visit us in Oklahoma...the zoo was a must :)

A good friend of mine took some fun pictures of Blake and was able to get some GREAT 18 month shots! Oh, if you're interested go ahead and check out ""

Halloween this year was definitely a week long celebration. We are Halloween"ed" out! Blake was a cute little Fireman, thanks to my sister for the hand-me-down costume which fit perfectly and of course he wanted to take after our favorite Firefighter Uncle Arman.
First our town had a fun week of "story book forest" we went around to each story book character to collect candy. Blake had a blast! Later in the week we went to "Haunt the Zoo" this was a one time deal..(as in, we'll never do that again!). It was SO crowded! I knew Blake would want to walk around so the "leash" was a must! Finally for Halloween day our downtown store owners were handing out candy so we thought we'd check that out too...bad idea. We definitely weren't the only ones with that idea!
Holding hands with one of the 3 little pigs :)

The minute he saw Raggedy Anne he chased her down. It was pretty cute. He followed her every move for a while until we finally pulled him away to leave.

Halloween pajamas

What's a Firefighter without his truck?

So sad...he wanted the camera SO bad!

Checkin' out the goodies!
Just for a little update: Erik is doing great in his 2nd year of dental school and still enjoying it! :) This year has been very busy with all of the patients he sees in his clinic and studying for his first round of national board exams while keeping up with his classes. In about 3 weeks we might get to see him a little more since the boards will be over!!! YAY!! We know he'll do great and we are so proud of him! :)

And finally, our big news! Baby # 2 will be joining us May 5th, 2011! We are very excited and can't wait for Blake to have a sibling. We'll probably find out the sex in December so we'll keep you posted!